Reasons to Go to a Barber for Men’s Haircuts

men's haircuts

Where do you usually go to get your hair cut? Do you come out of the place feeling satisfied with the results? If not, then it’s likely that you’re going to the wrong place for men’s haircuts.


Going to places with words in the name such as “clips” or “cuts” is not wrong. However, such places don’t typically cater to the specific hair care and maintenance needs of men. General stylists work in these places; they know a lot about hair – which sounds fine – but they’re usually trained to cut women’s hair rather than men’s hair.


If you want a proper trim and grooming service, your best bet is to head to a barbershop. A barber is trained specifically to address men’s haircuts and styling needs. Not only do they deal with the mane, they also take care of beards.


Why You Should Find a Great Barber


Where you go to get your hair cut is ultimately your decision, but there are a few reasons you should go to a barber for men’s haircuts. Here are the reasons:


  • A barber knows men’s hair. Cutting, grooming, and styling men’s hair is what a barber is trained for. Sure, you can get this service at the salon nearest you, but such places employ cosmetologists who also specialize in other services such as coloring and perming – services you most likely won’t need. A barber knows the typical hairstyles that men prefer, and can even make suggestions depending on your hair type and the shape of your face.


  • A barber works in a shop that caters to men. Salons tend to be fancy places where everyone and anyone can mix and mingle. A barbershop, on the other hand, is usually very masculine, which appeals to those who prefer that kind of environment.


  • A barber can provide great conversation. Talk is one of the ways to avoid boredom while waiting to get your hair done. Be it sports or current events, you can trust that you and your barber will have interesting things to talk about. This is not to say that salons are boring places to have a chat; it’s just that barber shops have an atmosphere that allows a man to relax comfortably.


  • A barber offers services specifically for men. Hair isn’t the only thing that barber’s know how to care for, style, and groom. They are familiar with many aspects of male hair, including the facial area. Meaning, you can ask your barber to style your beard or your mustache. Plus, you can get a hot lather shave at a barbershop.


  • A barber stocks specialty men’s hair products. Salons tend to be more geared toward female hair care or general hair care in their offerings. Barbershops are more specific, plus a barber can even make certain men’s haircuts suggestions based on your hair type and styling needs.


If you want a hair care service that fits your exact needs, then choose a barber to care, groom, and style your hair. It will be money well spent. At Salon Cristina we offer both talented hair stylists and barbers to cater to all of your hair needs.


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How to Get the Best Hairstyle That’s Right for You

best hairstyle

Wanting to look good is not necessarily vanity or narcissism. It is simply being able to express yourself in the way that you want to. There are a couple of things that you can do in order to find the best hairstyle without being robbed from the high prices of designer brands and going to cream of the crop stylists.


Here are some tips to achieve your best hairstyle:


Understand your own basic facial framework

There is actually a science to looking good. Depending on the shape of your face, there are certain hairstyles that will bring out the star in you and there are some haircuts that will leave you looking like a real life monster. Of course, not all will have to worry about how their hair complements their face, and if you belong to these select few of gorgeous people you are one of the lucky ones. This also includes knowing the shape of your own head.


Know the best hairstyle you want

Once you have a general idea of the shape of your face and head, it’s time to select the type of hairstyle you want by looking at sample photos (or videos). You can even check to see if the current hairdo of your favorite celebrity is a possible choice. Finding out the name of the cut you fancy can help you a lot, since if it is famous enough your local stylist will probably know how to cut it. Just be sure to bring a copy of the cut you want just for reference.


Have an open mind

There is one piece of truth that you need to understand about physical appearance and that is there is no real copying since every appearance is different with the exception of identical twins (triplets, etc.,). Thus you must understand that a hair stylist can only do so much to copy and implement the hair style you specify but the final product will ultimately depend on your own strengths. This is actually a good thing, since this is what allows for true individuality, that no one can be you except you. And the sooner you realize this, the sooner you will be able to appreciate your own beauty.


Accept suggestions

Sometimes the stylist might disagree with what you want and suggest a different thing that’ll be in complete contradictory to what you have specified. Pride would have you argue that the customer is always right, but if you are any wiser understand that they might know more about what’s better for you than you. So just listen to what they have to say because you might find yourself liking it in the end.


Don’t be afraid

You may have bad hair days throughout your life and you might experience getting the wrong haircut at the worst time possible. However, unlike a lot of things in life where there is no room for error – hair can grow back. Thus, don’t be afraid to try something new or actually risk it if the new special will work out for you. You will never know without first trying!


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Protective Hair Care Tips For This Winter

hair care during winter

Winter – at least some of it – can be a lovely time. While the season can be lovely, it really isn’t the best for our hair. The dry air, winds, and chilly temperature can do some crazy things. It also doesn’t help that we need central heating indoors as a reprieve from the cold but it also contributes to hair problems by making it rough. Are there any hair care tips that you can do to keep your fabulous hair during the winter months?


  1. Take Short Lukewarm Showers


It might feel great to stand under a hot shower during winter and go about your business as usual. But doing so actually does more harm than good as prolonged exposure to hot water, strips away moisture not only from your hair but your skin as well.


The best hair care tip we recommend is to take shorter showers, around five minutes or even less. Make sure that the water temperature is warm or lukewarm.


  1. Dress for the Weather

Cold air won’t do your hair – or your skin – any good. Knowing that you will be exposed to it when you head out your front door, make sure to keep your hair protected by wearing a hat.


It’s understandable that you don’t want the dreaded “hat hair” but winter only lasts a few months. If you’re really concerned, try wrapping a silk scarf around your head before putting on a hat. Doing so protects your hair from rubbing against the fabric of your hat.


If the scarf trick just won’t do it, turning to a hair product might do the trick. Apply a bit of hairspray on your brush then run it through your hair. Doing this helps keep your hair in place.


The fabric of choice for your hat matters for hair care as well. Stick to wool or cotton materials rather than synthetic fibers as those create static.


  1. Moisturize


We love applying moisturizer on our skin when it gets dry. That same level of care should also be applied to your hair. You can keep your hair moisturized or recover its moisture by applying a leave-in conditioner.


In fact, you can skip the regular shampooing in favor of applying conditioner. Shampoo, by its very nature, strips away moisture from the scalp and hair. As such, it’s recommended that you skip the frequent washing during winter.


What you can do instead is opt for a quick rinse followed by the application of conditioner. Doing this not only keeps your hair clean, it also keeps it moisturized.


  1. Get a Trim


You know that trimming your hair is one of the best ways to keep your hair in good condition. The practice should extend into the winter months as well. Just a little snip of the ends can minimize the occurrence of split ends.


Winter can truly be one of the most magical times of the year, but it can also be the most brutal to our hair. Keep these hair care tips in mind to protect your hair during the cold, harsh months of winter.


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What Should You Do With Your Hair for a Job Interview?

hair care tips

There are many things that go into acing a job interview. Having the proper education, experience, and skills are things that everyone will be bringing with them. But, you can set yourself apart by dressing up and utilizing our hair care tips in a way that makes you look professional, and gives you confidence.


All of this means you may have to wake-up extra early just to get everything right and manage to make it to your scheduled interview on time.


Sleep in a bit knowing you’ve got your hair covered, here are a few of our hair care tips:


  1. Make Sure To Keep Hair Out Of Your Face

First of our hair care tips, look to control your hair. There is no rule on proper hairstyle during interviews. However, many interviewers will appreciate if they can actually see your face. So whether you let your hair down or put it up in a ponytail, make sure no loose strands of hair get to your face.


Eye contact is important in job interviews and those interviewing you will prefer if there is nothing in the way of preventing that.


  1. Use Simple Hair Product

Not everything will remain up or in place as you go along. Keep in mind that you have to travel to your destination. As such, some things may shift and not be where they’re supposed to be.


That problem can be remedied by using hair product, but not just any kind. In particular, it’s best to stay away from heavy hairsprays and gels.


Instead, go for a lightweight product. For example, you can opt for a finishing spray. The spray will hold your hair in place without any visible build-up or residue.


And when it comes to the hair product you choose, make sure it is suited to your hair type. For the product to do its job properly, it must be designed for your kind of hair.


  1. Start Preparing The Day Before

You can do a number of things before going to bed to ensure that your hair is cooperative in the morning. One of the best things you can do is to wash your hair the day before your interview. This way, your hair will have plenty of time to dry, and it will be nice and clean in the morning when you begin grooming.


Again, make sure to choose the right shampoo for your hair type. Also, don’t forget to finish off with conditioner. You can even choose relaxing scents to ensure your nerves are calm as you drift off to sleep.


  1. Try Not To Make Major Changes To Your Hair

The last of our hair care tips, don’t go for a major change right before an interview. It may be tempting to try something new with your hair, but it’s best to err on the side of caution. For example, avoid curling if you have straight hair. Keep in mind that it’s best to use products that are suited for your hair type. So it may not make sense to try and curl it up the following day.


But there are some things you can do to keep hair looking great. If you have flatter hair, you can use texturizing spray to add volume. Naturally full hair can benefit from some mousse to ensure it stays shiny and frizz free.


A job interview is important. You can take advantage of some of these tips if you’d like to do-it-yourself. If you don’t, let our stylists at Salon Cristina take care of you and your hair. Book your appointment with us today!


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Which Hair Colors Are Perfect For This Year’s Fall Season?

hair color

Thinking of infusing a bit of hair color to your style this fall?


You’d be happy to know that some of your hair color choices are as inspirational as the autumn leaves falling, ranging from bright to bold.


Fall Hair Color Trends


Cream soda blond

This shade is a mix of bright blond with warm lowlights that work together to frame your face in a bright and sunshiny way. If you prefer not to make too drastic a change from your naturally (or artificially) blond hair, cream soda blond is your best bet.


Navy blue

Used either as highlights or lowlights, navy blue and other shades of blue are sure to turn heads. This is especially true if the contrast is loudly stark. Opting for this hair color, however, requires spunk. Are you brave enough to take the plunge?


Navy blue is perfect for people with deeper skin tones. Mixed with black hair, it creates a stunning and warm combination.


Pumpkin spice tones

As the leaves start to change, it is also the perfect time to switch to a warm balayage look or a fallayage look. For gorgeous tresses maintained with subtlety, infusing enough pumpkin spice tones to your hair will easily add dimension.


According to experts, going warmer in the fall is a popular preference because the summer is ending and clients’ tans are fading and their hair a bit damaged and sun-bleached.


Deep orange

Imagine a pixie cut or short crop with deep orange on top. If your natural hair color is brown, the contrast and near-similarity make your head of hair pop out. Talk about bright and right.


Caramel blend

If you want to be one with the season, a warm caramel blend for a hair color is the perfect seasonal shade this fall 2017. Best used as lowlights where it can draw attention without making too much effort.



Rather than cover up your grey roots, you could show them off with a silver hair color that screams bold and vibrant. What is great about this shade is that it will work on any skin tone. Got a dark head of hair but brave enough to dye it, a silver weave can be your most stunning look yet.


Bleach blond

Perfect for someone who loves to sport dark and black outfits during the fall season. The bright shade of beach blond can easily add a pop of brightness to a dark ensemble. Enjoy it while it lasts. You might get wild hair come winter and opt for a different hair color.



Not black or brown. Not dark or slightly darker either. With coffee-colored hair, you get the best of both worlds and still maintain subtlety. Against the color of autumn, this hair color will be a huge hit.


Let’s talk balayage

A French word that means ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’, balayage is a method of coloring the hair on the surface rather than saturated through. This means no sitting for long hours with your head in foils.


All hair types can benefit from balayage. Just make sure you know your end goal. Is it honey, silver, or caramel blond tones? Contact Salon Cristina for more info or to book your next appointment.


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5 Hair Care Secrets You Might Not Know About

hair care

There is no one-size fits all approach to hair care. Each person has different hair, so asking someone else the secret to their tumbling locks and applying it to yours will most likely result in failure. But the good news is that there are general hair care tips that might work in your favor. Check these out:


Air dry, not blow dry

Blow drying your hair causes damage, no matter how different the texture. So rather than put your mane under the mercy of hot air, why not just let it be? If celebrity stylists swear by it, so can you.


There are a lot of things you can do with it too.


Ashley Olsen’s volumized waves are a product of air drying and a bit of hydrating mousse ran. The mousse is applied while the hair is damp while the waves are achieved by braiding hair big and loose.


Scrunching your hair after giving it a wash and applying a hydrating curl solution before going to bed produces soft spirals when you get up in the morning.


Even those with thick hair can achieve smooth waves by just air drying. After applying a solution when it’s damp, pieces can be twisted up into a bun and left there overnight. In the morning, you will be gifted with pretty waves.


Keep shampooing to a minimum

Sebum protects your hair but it also attracts dust, pollen, and other particles, making your hair not just greasy but dirty as well. A simple rinse will get rid of the salt and flakes but sebum and oils will be left untouched.


This is where shampoo comes in to help: it lowers the surface tension of water, allowing it to bind with oils and other particles. But completely eliminating natural oils from your hair will dry it out.


So don’t go too wild on the shampoo unless you exercise a lot, live in a humid place, or have very fine hair.


Give your hair a vinegar rinse

Natural solutions work in many situations, including hair care. There’s a misconception that hair will smell bad when rinsed with vinegar, but that’s not true. Here’s how it should be done:

  • Mix a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with water.
  • Pour the mixture over hair evenly, working it into scalp after shampooing and conditioning.
  • Let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Rinse it out.


Use hot tools sparingly

It’s not really nice to subject your hair to torture every single day. Yes, the results may be fabulous but you also run the risk of damaging your hair. But if you really have to use a flatiron, make sure to use the lowest possible heat setting.


Apply oil

It doesn’t matter if its coconut oil or olive oil, applying oil to your hair gives it a soft, shiny, and silky feel. Just use a tablespoon or two and massage it deeply into your hair for a few minutes. Wash hair thoroughly with shampoo then dry to see the results.


These are just a few of the many hair care secrets out there, but these will give you a start to achieving better hair. And if you need experienced hands to keep your hair looking healthy and great, come see us at Salon Cristina.


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Summer Hairstyle Trends to Keep You Looking Gorgeous and Cool

summer hairstyle trends

When summer hits and the temperature rises, the only hairstyle you’re likely to want to wear is a bun. But there are other summer hairstyle trends!


With the right cut and style, you can look fabulous and hot as the weather.


Here are some of the popular hairstyle trends this summer:


Pin Your Hair Back

What makes summer even hotter is when your hair is all over the place. No need to pull it all back and twist into a top knot. All you need to do is pin back the front layers. With the waves cascading behind your back, you can look glammed up and made up.


Slicked Back

The idea behind these hairstyle trends are for your hair to look wet, giving you that cool look and feel. Rather than use water, you can use a strong hold gel or mousse to hold your hairstyle in place. Take it from Selena Gomez or Lily Collins who have taken super slick hair to the red carpet.


Low Bun

Like a chignon but way cooler, the lower bun involves your hair being looped into a bun and set low at your nape. It pulls your hair away from your face but not too tight and restricting. When sporting a low bun, make sure to use a clear elastic or one with the same color as your hair to avoid harsh lines.


Half-Up Style

This kind of hairstyle lets you get the best of both worlds – hair up and down. If you are torn between wearing your hair up to feel cool in the midst of humidity but prefer to leave it down, the half-up style eliminates the need for you to choose. You put part of your hair in a chignon and leave half of it to fall on one side of your face.


Upgraded Ponytail

Without a doubt, a ponytail could be a summer’s favorite hairstyle. It is, admittedly, boring too. So why not upgrade your basic ponytail in many different ways? This is nothing new, but turning the length of a tail into a series of loops is definitely new, unique, and a bit edgy. Similar to a low bun, use a clear elastic.


Embrace Hair’s Natural Texture

Got fuzzy or wild curls? Rather than hide them, show them off in the most stylish way possible. Slick down your hair from roots to middle length, then create a basic low ponytail with the rest. The slicked top half and wild curls on the other half will create a beautiful juxtaposition.


Modern Disco

This type of hairstyle also celebrates your hair’s natural texture, especially if you have the frizz. Rather than fight it, leave it alone. Part your hair from the top for an evenly distributed frizzy hair, framing your gorgeous face. If you don’t have frizzy hair but wants to get the Modern Disco hairstyle, use a ton of salt spray and a curling wand that makes small curls and a fuzzy texture.


With these hairstyle trends, your summer can look glamorous without you sweating like crazy because of bad hair. Schedule your next appointment with us at Salon Cristina for when your hair needs a little TLC.


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6 Effective Hair Maintenance Tips After a Salon Visit

hair maintenance tips

You have just returned from the salon after your much-needed hair cut and hair treatment. Your new hair is gorgeous and healthy looking but until when? Perhaps, it will take another month or so before you can schedule for another appointment. But between today and your next salon treatment, what do you need for hair maintenance?


Here are 6 tips to maintain your beautiful hair after pampering yourself with salon treatment:


  1. Do not be scared to ask questions

If you have been getting hair services from the same salon, your hair stylist will be more than willing to answer questions about proper hair maintenance, particularly on your new hair style and treatment.  Apart from their expertise, your stylist knows about different hair types and more importantly, about your hair. You can ask for suggestions on how to take care of your hair.

  1. Heed the advice from your hair professional

Once your stylist tells you what you need to do, follow it through. Also, try the products and techniques he or she will be recommending you to use, such as scalp treatments and hair blowing techniques. With years of experience and the myriad of hair products this hair professional has tried, there is no doubt it will work on you. There are a variety of natural hair products available even online that you can try, such as at-home hair treatments, shampoos and conditioners.

  1. Do not over wash your hair

One of the mistakes people commit when it comes to hair maintenance is frequent hair washing. Know your hair type to determine the frequency of washing it needs. Over washing your hair can remove its natural luster. Moreover, hair products, if used too often can also affect the texture of your hair. And if you just had a color treatment, shampooing too often can make the color fade.

Ensure to use a product recommended for color-treated hair. And if you have just got colored your hair, ask your beauty salon expert on when is the best time to wash it. It is usually recommended to wash your hair after 48 hours to allow the color to set in.

  1. Wash your hair with the right water temperature

According to experts, cold water is better for the hair in general but most importantly, after getting hair color treatment. Hot water can cause dryness on your scalp and brittleness to your hair. But if you did not have bleached or treated your hair with a color treatment, you can use lukewarm water every now and then to remove dirt easier. Some say that it can also balance your scalp to release lesser oil.

  1. Use heat protectors

If you cannot refrain from using drying tools, see to it that you use a heat protector so as to maintain its moisture. Better yet, try drying your hair the natural way. If you will be using a hair dryer, set it on a cold mode.

  1. Know when you should book for your next appointment

Ensure that you keep a regular schedule for your hair treatments. Your hair stylist can advise you on when is the right time to book your next appointment.

By following these tips, you can keep your hair looking great even days and weeks after your visit to the salon.


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The Art of Threading: What Are Its Pros and Cons?

threading eyebrows

For women with the problem of having unwanted hair, the beauty salon is their go-to place. Why not? Salons have beauty experts who are trained and skilled in providing beauty services. While some women still wax unwanted facial hair off, threading remains to be a popular alternative for many. Its results are neat with clean edges and there are no chemicals involved.


How is threading done?


With the use of a thin cotton thread and the skillful hands of a threading expert, you can have beautiful eyebrows and more glowing face with threading. To perform the process, the cotton thread is twisted into a double strand and is used to remove facial hair or shape the eyebrows. While using the thread to secure or trap the hair and lifting it from the follicle with a sweeping motion, expected results are achieved.


What are its pros and cons?


This hair removal process has numerous advantages over other options like waxing and using tweezers. While there can be some discomfort when the process is done, especially for people experiencing it for the first time, it is more comfortable than waxing. It also minimizes the risks of getting skin irritation since there are no harmful chemicals needed to perform it. Moreover, it does not take much time. A full facial hair removal using this technique can only take between 15 and 20 minutes.


Another great thing about this technique is its being precise. With the use of thread, removing even a single hair is possible. Since each hair is removed from the follicle, the hair does not come back easily and there will be lasting results. Also, unlike waxing, there is no tendency for the hair to break with threading. By being able to remove even a single strand of hair, it is easier to shape the eyebrows. Aside from the above-mentioned benefits of this technique, this can be done even if the hair you want to remove is not that long. This is because unwanted facial hair or the eyebrow is removed from the follicle unlike waxing that requires the hair is at a certain length.


But like other hair removal methods, there are setbacks to removing unwanted hair this way. However, these are just minor and few. For people who have low tolerance for pain, there is a little discomfort as hair is removed. It is also more expensive than waxing, although it is still affordable. Moreover, threading experts are not required to be licensed which might be an issue for some people who want professional hair removal experts. Lastly, it is ideal for facial hair removal and eye brow shaping. If unwanted hair is located in other parts of the body, another method will be used.


The art of threading continues to be popular among beauty experts and women. While it has some drawbacks, it is still much better than other techniques. If you have not tried this method applied on you and you plan to go to the salon, ensure that you choose a reputable salon that offers excellent services from experts.


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How to Choose the Best Dominican Style Hair Salon


Taking care of your hair is no easy feat, even if your hair happens to be long, straight and silky smooth. Because then, you’ll have to find ways to maintain its beauty and that will require maintenance as well. Good thing there are hair salons that will not only keep your crowning glory gorgeous but also help you play around with styles and colors.

With all the salons in town, though, opting for a Dominican style hair salon is fast-becoming a favorite choice. In fact, many women can’t stop talking about the level of service and quality they get from such a hair salon. This is because Dominican style hair salons…

  • Ensure you get the best deal for a hair blowout

A Dominican salon will provide you with stellar results at a reasonable price. A wash and set, for example, starts at $10 when there’s a weekly special. If you throw in trim, deep conditioner and blowout, you may only need to add a few more fives.

  • Deliver stunning, stellar results

Do you want to have sexy hair? How about something soft and bouncy? Want to channel Gone with the Wind’s Scarlett O’Hara’s silky, high-gloss and feathery tresses? A Dominican style hair salon will give you just that with nothing more than a round brush and blow dryer.

  • Works with hair of any texture

If you want your curly hair straightened out or vice versa, you can expect a Dominican style hair salon to deliver to your satisfaction. With the Dominican Republic being a diverse island, you can expect hair stylists from the sovereign state to handle just about any texture of hair, from straight to type 4c coils.

  • Accepts walk-ins with a smile

Most hair salons are known for taking in clients at a moment’s notice. So if you didn’t make an appointment and you seriously need to have your hair done, look for Salon Cristina. You will be more than welcome as a walk-in.

Not all salons are created equal, however. If you want nothing less than exceptional quality, you need to find the best of the best.

How to find the best Dominican style hair salons

  • Choose quality over price. If the rate is too good to be true, dig a little further.
  • Check the level of service they provide. Do they apply a heat protectant on your hair before blow drying or using a hot curling iron? If they put a generous amount of it, then you know you’ve found the one.
  • See that the staff is friendly and professional. It is one thing to come in without an appointment and be accepted, but another to be accepted by a grumbling and unhappy hair stylist. You don’t want to come out looking like a nightmare from the salon.
  • Check the kind of products used. Yes, the price is low and the level of service is high. However, if the products used are of low quality, the results may not be as stellar.

Dominican style hair salons mostly provide great service and amazing results. But a little digging won’t hurt.




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