Essential Hair Products to Have While on Vacation

Are you planning to squeeze in a short trip before summer officially ends? If so, then your vacation style shouldn’t be the only thing that’s on point. Hair is and will always be part of your overall look so you should pay particular attention to it as well. The sun, wind, and salty beach water can leave your locks looking dull and dry.


Turn up your mane game by packing these essential hair products in your carry-on.


Shampoo & Conditioner

You’ll be exposing your hair to all sorts of damaging elements while on holiday. Heat, smoke, and pollution can get trapped in your tresses and you’ll find yourself needing to wash them. Pick out a shampoo and conditioner that’s made for your specific hair type. Pick a sulfate-free variety with natural ingredients.


Deep Repair Masque

Traveling to some tropical destination is an inviting prospect. But the frizzed-out look you get due to the humid temperature certainly isn’t. Aside from getting your hair unnecessary volume, the heat can strip your hair of essential nutrients that it needs to have that healthy shine. Hair products like a deep repair masque can replenish moisture. Look for a brand with protein nutrients in it so you can keep your hair strong and well-conditioned hair.


Shine Mist or Spray

A shine mist or spray is your best defense against dull hair. New environments can take a toll on your tresses, leaving them with that lackluster appearance. A shine mist can help smooth strands and is suitable for all hair types. Whether you’re the curly-haired girl with the frizz or the straight-haired one dealing with static, it can give you a high-gloss finish without the greasy feel.


Styling Cream

Keep a styling cream handy so your hair retains its shape and bounciness all day long. Find hair products that are light and doesn’t leave a sticky residue on those strands. Apply styling cream on clean and damp hair and let it air dry. Adding a bit to the ends when your hair has completely dried adds smoothness.


Root Cover-Up

You never want to get caught with those grey roots showing so a reliable root cover-up should be an addition to your hair kit. Choose one with a spray formulation and a lightweight formula. This usually lasts for more than one shampoo and dries quickly without leaving any unsightly residue. Pick one in a color that accurately matches your current shade.


Finishing Spray

Having a finishing spray on hand is a must when you’re traveling. After all, you never know when you’ll end up spending time on the beach or get invited to spend the night on the town. A finishing spray is just the thing for keeping those beachy waves in place or making sure that evening up-do is intact.



For a more manageable mane, book an appointment with Salon Cristina before the trip. This allows you to get that hair trim or maybe go all out and have a new hairstyle for that wow factor at your high school reunion or sorority sisters’ get together.



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