Going to a Full-Service Salon? Here’s What You Should Expect

There’s technically nothing wrong with going to a basic salon. But, if you want to have a positive experience and get excellent value for money, your best bet is to go to a full-service salon. This salon is a great choice since it has the ability to offer the following:


Professional Staff

Full-service salons employ only the best employees who are fully trained and have years of experience in the industry. They also train their staff in customer service to ensure they provide the high level of care that their clients deserve. So, when you get your hair done at a full-service salon, you can expect to interact with skillful and talented hairstylists, colorists, shampooers, and get the best possible service.


Relaxing Environment

Like many people, you probably go to the salon not just to have your hair done but also to rest and relax. Fortunately, if you visit a full-service salon, you can do just that. Most of these salons design their premises in a way that creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. As a result, clients can fully unwind and let go of their stress while having their hair colored, trimmed, or styled.


Wide Range of Services

As its name implies, a full-service salon can provide you with many solutions to choose from. These include:


  • Haircut and Styling — If you just want the basics, your salon will be able to do it for you. Simply tell your stylist about the cut and style you want, and you’re good to go.


  • Wash and shampoo — This is a great option if you’re on your way to a party or simply want to give yourself a confidence boost. Here at Salon Cristina, we offer three types of wash services: Wash/Rollers (i.e. rollers are used to set your hair), Wash/Set (similar to Wash/Rollers with an additional blowout process), and Wash/Style (similar to Wash/Set without the use of rollers).


  • Colors and Highlights — Full-service salons offer both Single Process Color and Double Process Color. The former is used when you want to darken your hair or cover gray strands. The latter, meanwhile, is used when you want to lighten your hair by more than two shades or when you want to try vibrant colors (like pastel pink or neon green). Full-service salons also do highlights, which add body and volume to your hair and make you look like you’ve just come back from a vacation.


  • Perm and Straightening — If you want to go from straight to curly (or vice versa), your full-service salon can help you do so. Your stylist will use modern products and equipment to give you the style you want without too much hair damage.


  • Extensions — Want to have longer hair ASAP? Simply tell your stylist and it’s yours right away through hair extensions. Most full-service salons offer semi-permanent and permanent hair extensions, so it’s up to you to choose the option that suits your needs.


Our Full-Service Salon

Whether you’re planning to completely change your hairstyle or simply have your hair trimmed, you won’t go wrong with going to a full-service salon like Salon Cristina. We’re a full-service Dominican style hair salon in New York and cater to clients in Schenectady and surrounding areas. Book your appointment today to enjoy our luxury hair services!




Salon Cristina Proudly Provides Salon Services to the following cities and their surrounding areas: Albany, Altamont, Guilderland, Guilderland Center, Rotterdam, and Schenectady

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