5 Hair Care Secrets You Might Not Know About

There is no one-size fits all approach to hair care. Each person has different hair, so asking someone else the secret to their tumbling locks and applying it to yours will most likely result in failure. But the good news is that there are general hair care tips that might work in your favor. Check these out:


Air dry, not blow dry

Blow drying your hair causes damage, no matter how different the texture. So rather than put your mane under the mercy of hot air, why not just let it be? If celebrity stylists swear by it, so can you.


There are a lot of things you can do with it too.


Ashley Olsen’s volumized waves are a product of air drying and a bit of hydrating mousse ran. The mousse is applied while the hair is damp while the waves are achieved by braiding hair big and loose.


Scrunching your hair after giving it a wash and applying a hydrating curl solution before going to bed produces soft spirals when you get up in the morning.


Even those with thick hair can achieve smooth waves by just air drying. After applying a solution when it’s damp, pieces can be twisted up into a bun and left there overnight. In the morning, you will be gifted with pretty waves.


Keep shampooing to a minimum

Sebum protects your hair but it also attracts dust, pollen, and other particles, making your hair not just greasy but dirty as well. A simple rinse will get rid of the salt and flakes but sebum and oils will be left untouched.


This is where shampoo comes in to help: it lowers the surface tension of water, allowing it to bind with oils and other particles. But completely eliminating natural oils from your hair will dry it out.


So don’t go too wild on the shampoo unless you exercise a lot, live in a humid place, or have very fine hair.


Give your hair a vinegar rinse

Natural solutions work in many situations, including hair care. There’s a misconception that hair will smell bad when rinsed with vinegar, but that’s not true. Here’s how it should be done:

  • Mix a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with water.
  • Pour the mixture over hair evenly, working it into scalp after shampooing and conditioning.
  • Let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Rinse it out.


Use hot tools sparingly

It’s not really nice to subject your hair to torture every single day. Yes, the results may be fabulous but you also run the risk of damaging your hair. But if you really have to use a flatiron, make sure to use the lowest possible heat setting.


Apply oil

It doesn’t matter if its coconut oil or olive oil, applying oil to your hair gives it a soft, shiny, and silky feel. Just use a tablespoon or two and massage it deeply into your hair for a few minutes. Wash hair thoroughly with shampoo then dry to see the results.


These are just a few of the many hair care secrets out there, but these will give you a start to achieving better hair. And if you need experienced hands to keep your hair looking healthy and great, come see us at Salon Cristina.


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