Which Hair Colors Are Perfect For This Year’s Fall Season?

Thinking of infusing a bit of hair color to your style this fall?


You’d be happy to know that some of your hair color choices are as inspirational as the autumn leaves falling, ranging from bright to bold.


Fall Hair Color Trends


Cream soda blond

This shade is a mix of bright blond with warm lowlights that work together to frame your face in a bright and sunshiny way. If you prefer not to make too drastic a change from your naturally (or artificially) blond hair, cream soda blond is your best bet.


Navy blue

Used either as highlights or lowlights, navy blue and other shades of blue are sure to turn heads. This is especially true if the contrast is loudly stark. Opting for this hair color, however, requires spunk. Are you brave enough to take the plunge?


Navy blue is perfect for people with deeper skin tones. Mixed with black hair, it creates a stunning and warm combination.


Pumpkin spice tones

As the leaves start to change, it is also the perfect time to switch to a warm balayage look or a fallayage look. For gorgeous tresses maintained with subtlety, infusing enough pumpkin spice tones to your hair will easily add dimension.


According to experts, going warmer in the fall is a popular preference because the summer is ending and clients’ tans are fading and their hair a bit damaged and sun-bleached.


Deep orange

Imagine a pixie cut or short crop with deep orange on top. If your natural hair color is brown, the contrast and near-similarity make your head of hair pop out. Talk about bright and right.


Caramel blend

If you want to be one with the season, a warm caramel blend for a hair color is the perfect seasonal shade this fall 2017. Best used as lowlights where it can draw attention without making too much effort.



Rather than cover up your grey roots, you could show them off with a silver hair color that screams bold and vibrant. What is great about this shade is that it will work on any skin tone. Got a dark head of hair but brave enough to dye it, a silver weave can be your most stunning look yet.


Bleach blond

Perfect for someone who loves to sport dark and black outfits during the fall season. The bright shade of beach blond can easily add a pop of brightness to a dark ensemble. Enjoy it while it lasts. You might get wild hair come winter and opt for a different hair color.



Not black or brown. Not dark or slightly darker either. With coffee-colored hair, you get the best of both worlds and still maintain subtlety. Against the color of autumn, this hair color will be a huge hit.


Let’s talk balayage

A French word that means ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’, balayage is a method of coloring the hair on the surface rather than saturated through. This means no sitting for long hours with your head in foils.


All hair types can benefit from balayage. Just make sure you know your end goal. Is it honey, silver, or caramel blond tones? Contact Salon Cristina for more info or to book your next appointment.


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