Slicked Back and Swept Up: Hairstyle Trends for Fall 2018

The chill in the air and the appearance of pumpkin spiced lattes at your local coffee shop can only mean one thing. Fall is upon us and with the change in season comes a style update. As you swap those crop tops and shorts for long skirts and comfy cardigans, give that hair a do-over. Transition from those beachy waves into one of these trendy hairstyles.



Center Part

This style is great for women with medium length hair or longer. The center part is versatile because you can make it look sophisticated or casual depending on the occasion.



There’s no one way to do this for all hair textures and face shapes. You just have to adjust according to your own features. If your hair is rather finely textured, go for a sleeker look that isn’t too flat. To liven it up a bit, tease the roots and use a little textured spray on them. Finish the look by pushing the hair out a bit with a paddle brush.




A top knot is a great way to keep the hair out of your eyes. It’s also great for days when you’re running late and don’t have time to do the whole routine with your trusty hair dryer. The key is to start with a tight, high ponytail. You can then use a bun maker or just wind your hair carefully around the base of your ponytail. You could finish the look with some red lipstick and your favorite fall sweater.



Clipped-back Curls

When your hair isn’t long enough to achieve curls in their full form, this is the hairstyle for you. Perfecting the clipped-back curly hairstyle requires a two-step process. Start by separating a two-inch section of your hair and wrap it around a curling iron.



When done, loosen those curls gently with your fingers. Next, part your hair to the side and then clip back a section of your curled hair. Secure in place using bobby pins.



Half-up half-down

Another versatile hairstyle on this list. The half-up half-down can be as fun or as fancy as you’d like it to be. For an everyday look, tease your hair at the crown. Secure the small section on top with some clear elastic. If you plan to wear this hairstyle for a dressier event, begin by curling your hair. Then, gather small sections at the top of your hair. Make sure to have one on each side.



Twist each section at the back of your head, working your way down. Stop at a certain point, gather sections of hair from both sides of your head and incorporate them into the existing twist that you made. Twist this second section a bit more, again working your way down. Repeat the same process for the third section and then secure with an elastic band.



Go for the bob

If you want a more dramatic transformation, tame that mane by opting for a bob cut. This hairstyle comes in different lengths and forms. A reputable hairstylist should be able to give you a bob cut that best complements your facial features.



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