Summer Hairstyle Trends to Keep You Looking Gorgeous and Cool

When summer hits and the temperature rises, the only hairstyle you’re likely to want to wear is a bun. But there are other summer hairstyle trends!


With the right cut and style, you can look fabulous and hot as the weather.


Here are some of the popular hairstyle trends this summer:


Pin Your Hair Back

What makes summer even hotter is when your hair is all over the place. No need to pull it all back and twist into a top knot. All you need to do is pin back the front layers. With the waves cascading behind your back, you can look glammed up and made up.


Slicked Back

The idea behind these hairstyle trends are for your hair to look wet, giving you that cool look and feel. Rather than use water, you can use a strong hold gel or mousse to hold your hairstyle in place. Take it from Selena Gomez or Lily Collins who have taken super slick hair to the red carpet.


Low Bun

Like a chignon but way cooler, the lower bun involves your hair being looped into a bun and set low at your nape. It pulls your hair away from your face but not too tight and restricting. When sporting a low bun, make sure to use a clear elastic or one with the same color as your hair to avoid harsh lines.


Half-Up Style

This kind of hairstyle lets you get the best of both worlds – hair up and down. If you are torn between wearing your hair up to feel cool in the midst of humidity but prefer to leave it down, the half-up style eliminates the need for you to choose. You put part of your hair in a chignon and leave half of it to fall on one side of your face.


Upgraded Ponytail

Without a doubt, a ponytail could be a summer’s favorite hairstyle. It is, admittedly, boring too. So why not upgrade your basic ponytail in many different ways? This is nothing new, but turning the length of a tail into a series of loops is definitely new, unique, and a bit edgy. Similar to a low bun, use a clear elastic.


Embrace Hair’s Natural Texture

Got fuzzy or wild curls? Rather than hide them, show them off in the most stylish way possible. Slick down your hair from roots to middle length, then create a basic low ponytail with the rest. The slicked top half and wild curls on the other half will create a beautiful juxtaposition.


Modern Disco

This type of hairstyle also celebrates your hair’s natural texture, especially if you have the frizz. Rather than fight it, leave it alone. Part your hair from the top for an evenly distributed frizzy hair, framing your gorgeous face. If you don’t have frizzy hair but wants to get the Modern Disco hairstyle, use a ton of salt spray and a curling wand that makes small curls and a fuzzy texture.


With these hairstyle trends, your summer can look glamorous without you sweating like crazy because of bad hair. Schedule your next appointment with us at Salon Cristina for when your hair needs a little TLC.


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