Protective Hair Care Tips For This Winter

Winter – at least some of it – can be a lovely time. While the season can be lovely, it really isn’t the best for our hair. The dry air, winds, and chilly temperature can do some crazy things. It also doesn’t help that we need central heating indoors as a reprieve from the cold but it also contributes to hair problems by making it rough. Are there any hair care tips that you can do to keep your fabulous hair during the winter months?


  1. Take Short Lukewarm Showers


It might feel great to stand under a hot shower during winter and go about your business as usual. But doing so actually does more harm than good as prolonged exposure to hot water, strips away moisture not only from your hair but your skin as well.


The best hair care tip we recommend is to take shorter showers, around five minutes or even less. Make sure that the water temperature is warm or lukewarm.


  1. Dress for the Weather

Cold air won’t do your hair – or your skin – any good. Knowing that you will be exposed to it when you head out your front door, make sure to keep your hair protected by wearing a hat.


It’s understandable that you don’t want the dreaded “hat hair” but winter only lasts a few months. If you’re really concerned, try wrapping a silk scarf around your head before putting on a hat. Doing so protects your hair from rubbing against the fabric of your hat.


If the scarf trick just won’t do it, turning to a hair product might do the trick. Apply a bit of hairspray on your brush then run it through your hair. Doing this helps keep your hair in place.


The fabric of choice for your hat matters for hair care as well. Stick to wool or cotton materials rather than synthetic fibers as those create static.


  1. Moisturize


We love applying moisturizer on our skin when it gets dry. That same level of care should also be applied to your hair. You can keep your hair moisturized or recover its moisture by applying a leave-in conditioner.


In fact, you can skip the regular shampooing in favor of applying conditioner. Shampoo, by its very nature, strips away moisture from the scalp and hair. As such, it’s recommended that you skip the frequent washing during winter.


What you can do instead is opt for a quick rinse followed by the application of conditioner. Doing this not only keeps your hair clean, it also keeps it moisturized.


  1. Get a Trim


You know that trimming your hair is one of the best ways to keep your hair in good condition. The practice should extend into the winter months as well. Just a little snip of the ends can minimize the occurrence of split ends.


Winter can truly be one of the most magical times of the year, but it can also be the most brutal to our hair. Keep these hair care tips in mind to protect your hair during the cold, harsh months of winter.


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